Most everything on the lists below I picked up at Preuss Pets , a great pet store. If you live in the area, I strongly suggest going there. Weekly. :)

Tank Equipment

Name Resources
Custom built stand and canopy n/a
120 gal glass aquarium w/ two factory installed overflows n/a
Two Aqueon overflow kits Aqueon
3/4 Loc-Line pieces for return spouts in overflows Modular Hose
Two AquaUFO™ 90 watt LED aquarium lights Sunshine Systems
Two EchoTech Marine VorTech MP40-ES power heads EcoTech Marine

Sump Equipment

Name Resources
30-something gallon sump in stand n/a
Fluval E 300w heater Hagen
Fluval M 300w heater Hagen
Reef Dynamics INS150 protein skimmer w/ pump Reef Dynamics
One Syncra 4.0 pump and one Syncra 3.0 pump Sicce USA